Persons detained after searches effectuated by CNA

The CNA officers and the anti corruption prosecutors detained nineteen persons for 72 hours. There are 3 mayors, the accountant of a city hall, 5 directors of gymnasiums and a vice director of high school, also the chiefs and the employees of 9 companies.

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  1. Mayor of v. Cimişeni, Criuleni
  2. Mayor of v. Chioselia Mare, Cahul
  3. Mayor of v. Corlăteni, Râşcani
  4. Accountant-chief of city hall Râşcani
  5. Director of gymnasium "Alexandrina Rusu", Dănceni, Ialoveni
  6. Director of gymnasium "M. Viteazul", Străşeni, he also councilor in district Council Străşeni
  7. Director of primary school v. Baurci, Ceadâr-Lunga
  8. Director of gymnasium from v. Bocani, Făleşti
  9. Director of gymnasium from v. Hăsnăşenii Mari, Drochia
  10. Vice director (ex-director) of theoretic highschool "D. Cantemir", Râşcani

Six economic agents, as well as three employees of these were detained.

The persons detained are suspected of the organization, by co-participation, of some suspicious auctions unfolded within some investment projects, the aim being the favorizing of some economic agents.

Information owned by prosecutors and investigation officers state that representatives of the leadership of the energetic efficiency Fund might have acted in complicity with economic agents, the representatives some local public authorities, local councilors and the chiefs of some educational institutions aiming at the organization of some schemes through which financial means were redirected, in extremely large proportions, to some companies promoted by the persons involved in this crime.

We’re talking about the purchase of some works of streamline works of energy consumption, repairs and capital constructions in sum of over 28.000.000 lei.

There were initiated 12 penal cases for passive corruption, traffic of influence, overpassing of duties and power abuse. Today there were effectuated over 60 searches with the aim of strengthening the evidence, at one of the directions of the Ministry of Economy, as well as at the Fund of energetic (the investigators are to express themselves additionally concerning the persons from within the last two authorities).

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