Personal data protection - main topic in Moldcell's event dedicated to European Cyber Security Month

Moldcell company in partnership with the Moldova's National Center for Personal data Protection (NCPDP) organized an event dedicated to European Cyber Security Month 2017. 

Representatives of Moldcell and NCPDP spoke about the role, importance and necessity of ensuring a protection of personal data in order to cope with the exponential development of information technologies.

As the main responsible authority in the area, the NCPDP addressed coercive measures on issues and support all personal data operators to ensure their alignment with the regulatory framework.

"The main purpose is to disseminate the data protection, to inform the society about the risks of automating the information processes. Citizens are increasingly asking for their data protection and we appreciate those requests. We will surely come up with new regulations in this area so that everyone can feel protected. "Sergiu Bozianu, Deputy Chief of the General Supervision and Conformity Directorate, NCPDP.

Personal data privacy and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights, as well as the basis principle of Moldcell company. 

During the event, Moldcell representatives shared their experience in implementing complex measures to ensure a personal data process that is secured in accordance with international legal standards and best practices.

Moreover, the company presented perspectives, international trends in the field of personal data protection. 

"Personal data is the basis for the emergence and development of future technologies. On the other hand, the provision of all personal data can violate privacy life. 

"Equilibrium can only be achieved by establishing clear rules for both sides of this process - both for the personal data operator and for their owner - the combination of legislative acts, awareness of information owners, standardization and transparency of the operator's personal data processing - should create a necessary balance between respect for rights and the development of technologies and services. "Serghei Uzun, Head of Information Secrecy, Moldcell.

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