People's reaction to verdict given by Ialoveni trial court regarding tents dismantling

The tents from the National Assembly Square have to be taken out, and the “Dignity and Truth” Party of fugitives Victor and Viorel Topa has no right to organize any meetings in the center of Chisinau until 28 august 2016. The decision was given by the magistrates of Ialoveni trial court, which have examined the request of Chisinau City Hall against the demonstrators. The verdict was pronounced in the absence of the party’s lawyers, which were absent from many trials consecutively.

Lawyers of DA Party have requested the postponing of the trial, the reason invoked being their holiday. The representatives of Chisinau City Hall declare that the request was a new attempt of delaying the trial process.

Chisinau residents welcome the magistrates’ decision and advice the few demonstrators to leave the Square.

The decision of Ialoveni trial court can be appealed. The demonstrators of DA Platform Party have occupied the National Assembly Square in fall of 2015. Because of them, many events could not be organized in the center of the city. Chisinau City Hall has requested in the court the evacuation of the tents left, in order to finish the rehabilitation of the main street of the city.

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