People's opinion on Nastase: 'He's unfit to be a deputy'

He's unfit to be a deputy because of his vanity and complexes.

It's the main opinion of the citizens about Nastase's aggressive behavior, the godson of the fugitive criminal Victor Topa. People disapprove the way PPDA leader offends journalists who give him uncomfortable questions.

This is just one example of Nastase's nervous behavior which people condemn as inadequate and annoying. 

"His speech is rude, he must not enter the Parliament. He is a kind of a pig".

"Why is he bothering journalists, who he thinks he is? He's not a human, he's a jerk. I can say it to his face.

"Honestly, I don't even watch the TV when he is on the screen. He's a very aggressive man, it's not worth his position".

His disrespectful behavior became a habit towards citizens too, who were at electoral meeting with PPDA leader. This was proved at the recent incident in Criuleni. 

Some villagers have also witnessed his unbalanced behavior.

"It's clear that he's insane".

People explain Nastase's attitude as a lack of education and political maturity.

"They claim themselves as Europeans but they don't even try to respect other's opinions. This mustn't happen, it's immature".

"When he sees something inconvenient, he starts to quarrel".

"-Have you posted about the bad Tohatin and Budesti roads? -I don't accept any kind of lies. Just don't! Have you understood? - Lower your voice".

Some of Nastase's supporters also condemn his actions. Even they didn't wanted to speak in front of the camera, they told us how disappointed they really are.

"I really trusted "ACUM". Now I don't even know who to listen. When I see him on TV, I quit".

More ambassadors of EU from our country declared that his hateful speech is unacceptable, especially from a politician who is promoting European principles and values. The message arrived on Tuesday during a press conference after the moment when Nastase started to insult our TV channel.

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