People rushing to purchase fir trees, as Christmas draws near

Only a few days are left till Christmas. In Chisinau, people are rushing to purchase real fir trees. Therefore, streets from the Capital are filled with various trees of various sizes and prices.

Those who lack the time to go to the market, can have a tree knocking on their door with a single click. The offer is possible due to some young men from the Capital, who launched the first ever Christmas Tree delivery service.

Most popular are now trees sold in pots, along with roots. According to specialists, if taken care of, they can resist more than a month.

"It should not be taken straight to warm places, but gradually warmed up. Then, it must be sprayed with water, not poured over its roots as it will cause them to decay" a vendor said.

The first real trees appeared on the markets in the North, while prices vary depending on their length.

Those who wish to purchase a tall and beautiful fir tree have to pay around 800 lei, for an over two meters one. While people who wish to spend less, can buy a one meter tree for only 150 lei.

"People are very interested, the trees are beautiful, I believe that a real tree is better than an artificial one. Most come during the weekend, or some do in the evening after work" a seller said.

Some traders claim that the prices are not high and people should chose to have a real tree for holidays.

"For some it might be expensive, but what else can we do if we must purchase a tree. So that the house will smell nicely."

"Real holidays are remembered from childhood, when there was a small real tree in the house. We chose to buy one without a pot, as otherwise it would take up space."

"The smell of winter, the smell of new year we bear from childhood. A small tree, of 300 lei, is not very expensive."

For Moldovans who prefer such commodity, the Christmas tree is only one click away. Therefore, a group of young men have open up a webpage where hundreds of people can order. The real trees will be brought from Briceni, offering free delivery service.

"I work all day and have no time to go outside. It is very useful, as I do not have to walk in the cold. It is a good site, you can view there any tree, big or small, I chose a medium one. You can see it, it is not damaged at all" customer Ion Granici said.

The Christmas trees cost between 400 to 800 lei. Moreover, the young people offer gifts in the form of a set containing 10 ornaments, as well as 3 meter long Christmas lights.

"We noticed that people are now busy with other important things and decided to offer a service and deliver trees to their houses. On average, every day we have 15-20 orders" director of the delivery service, Alexandru Căzănescu said.

This year, "Moldsilva" Agency has put up of for sale 58 thousand real fir trees.

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