People in villages begin winter preparations

Low temperatures forecasted by meteorologists have made people start preparing for winter.

While some have stormed markets in the country to buy wood or coals, others are ready for this period since summer.

It takes 1.5 tons of coal which costs about five thousand lei to heat a 70 square meters house for five months.

If your home is heated with wood, then about six meters of ster will be used.

To that season, a meter of ster can be bought for 600-700 lei. Those who use natural gas will spend about 12 thousand lei.

Traders say that in this period the number of people who buy wood and coals has increased by nearly 20-per-cent.

This week, forecasters predict sudden changes in temperature.

According to forecasts, the thermometers will show 12 degress Celsius at day and one degree at night. 

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