People from Nisporeni ask for punishment of Sergiu Cebotari, after being cheated by him

Tens of people have protested today in Nisporeni, to ask for the punishment of Sergiu Cebotari, active member of “Dignity and Truth” Platform Party.

They claim that they were enforced to work and did not receive payments. Also today, magistrates of Nisporeni trial court have issued an arrest warrant for 30 days in the name of Cebotari,being accused of forced labor.

People say that they were cheated by the “DA” activist, suspected of embezzlement in huge proportions. Many of people who are dissatisfied worked for Cebotari, offering many agricultural works.

The activists of DA party supported Cebotari, which are not disturbed by the fact that he smuggled almost 20 families.

The suspect has shown a behavior typical to party leaders, fugitives Victor and Viorel Topa. He swore and cursed the prosecutor while being in the trial court.

On 29 July 2016, Sergiu Cebotari was detained for 72 hours by the officers of Nisporeni Police Inspectorate.

On his name was opened a penal case on forced labor and on embezzlement in huge proportions, the amount of caused prejudice being 400,000 lei. According to police, in the period 2011-2014, 17 people were forced by Cebotari to work. The prejudice is approximately 280,000 lei. The number of people writing complaints on the name of DA activist might increase, because more and more people are going to Police.

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