People from Muncesti street complain of foul smell coming from a factory producing alcoholic beverages

A few hundreds of residents from Muncesti street in Chisinau are complaining that, because of the pungent smell coming from a factory which produces alcoholic beverages in the area, they cannot breath normally for a period of a few months.

Even though people think that their health is at risk, the specialists in public health did not find any toxic substances in the air.

The residents of many buildings from Muncesti street also say that because of the foul smell they cannot sleep during nights.

Most concerned are the parents who are sending their children to the kindergarten near the factory.

The representatives of other institutions in the area say that the foul smell is disturbing.

Meanwhile, the specialists from the Municipal Center of Public Health say that they did not find any harmful substances in the air in the area near the factory. At the site also came environmental inspectors.

When asked by Publika TV, the representatives of the factory producing alcoholic beverages have promised to call and to comment on this situation.

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