People from Hancesti town are determined to elect MPs by themselves

The Moldovans go on getting familiar with the advantages of the uninominal voting. People from Hâncești have signed for this move. They want responsible law-makers, directly elected by the people, to reach the Parliament.

"The ones from the Parliament should change, young people should go there. I think it will be better for us."

"I stand with my both hands for the uninominal voting. I will know the one I am voting for. I will know whom to hold responsible."

People think the number of parliamentarians must be reduced and the ones falling short to keep their promises:

"If the people see he does nothing, he must be fired and replaced. I hope the sooner it is applied the better."

"We agree because we’ll have whom to hold responsible in the long run, because they rest there and receive money. Let’s every district have its MP."

Making people aware about the opportunities of the uninominal voting takes place not only in tents, but door-to-door, too.

The awareness tents are installed in all the districts working from 9:00 to 17:00.

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