People from Gagauz autonomy expect jobs and better living from new legislators

The people from the Gagauz autonomy brace for electing deputies in the People’s Assembly (Regional Parliament.) The poll is scheduled for November 20, the legislature has decided today.

People from the region hope the newly elected will contribute to better the situation in the region. They want jobs, a better living and better relations with the Chişinău establishment.

On November 20, the Gagauzis will elect 35 legislators in the People’s Assembly.

The election period will start in Gagauzia on September 21, the day starting from which the candidates will be able to register for campaigning. The hopefuls must be at least 21 and have higher education diplomas.

About 2 million lei ($100,000) will be employed to organize the legislative elections. The deputies are elected in 35 constituencies by 105,000 Gagauzis.

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