People from Cahul attended seminars on Cyber Security

This Saturday, #InternetFărăGriji (#InternetWithoutWorries), education program launched by Moldcell, in partnership with "La Strada" and Tekwill, reached Cahul.

#InternetFărăGriji is made out of a series of seminars on cyber safety for parents and children, unfolded all over the country. In Cahul, many have shown an interest in this topic. Not only parents and children, but also teenagers and teachers have decided to attend, which proves that cyber security is a topic taken seriously in Moldova, regardless the age. One of the topics was cyberbullying.

Therefore, parents received advice on cyber safety from experts:

Diana Buciușcan, Protection of Personal Data Expert, Moldcell, spoke of the risks intelligent devices pose to children in terms of personal data.

Cristina Vașchevici, Child Program expert, La Strada, presented real cases of cyber victims from Moldova and explained what to do in such cases.

Gheorghe Hîncu, Communication Specialist, Moldcell, explained the notion of cyberbullying, its dangers and what to take into consideration when encountering it.

Serghei Uzun, Information Security Expert, Moldcell, spoke of the cyber threats and explained solutions as well as offered suggestions.

Agnesa Stratuță, La Strada Physiologist, explained to parents how to speak on such topic with children and how to behave, in case they become victims of cyber risks.

When it came to children, they were first questioned "What would character Mailo do?" when encountering a risk situation on the internet. Then, they had to be part of a Panda rescue mission, as well as had the chance participated in a Robotics workshop prepared by Tekwill Academy Kids.

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