People can chose out of nearly 9 000 vacancies all over Moldova

Unemployed people who are looking for a job can chose from nearly 9 000 offers. According to National Employment Agency (ANOFM), most jobs are available in the Capital - close to 3 800. In Bălți are over 800 offers. In Florești district are available over 400 vacancies.

For people with higher education are offered 2010 jobs, close to 350 police officers being sought. In the area of medicine are available over 330 spots, while in economy - over 202. At the same time, there are 181 offers for engineers and technicians, as well as 160 vacancies in education.

Those who have a Professional/Technical Degrees can chose out of most offers - 2 400. At the same time, industrial enterprises are looking for 650 qualified employees. 535 offers are available for machine and plant operators, another 400 in hotels and restaurants.

Even those who are not qualified don't lack variety. Auxiliary worker can chose out of 462 jobs, while technical personnel have 135 offers. There are also 115 jobs available for fitter and another 112 for teacher assistants.

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