PEOPLE ARE IN DESPAIR! Hundreds of cellars in Comrat FLOODED

Cellars from 700 households in Comrat have been flooded because of groundwater. And the rainstorms from the last period are increasing the water level on a daily basis.

The people are desperate and say that they cannot stand the mold and moisture in the houses. Moreover, there is the risk of the houses collapse.

Many citizens are worried that the water in the cellars can crash their houses. Because of the rains, the water level has increased with 30 centimeters.

The situation is extreme. Because of the increase of water level, the cellars have become very homelike even for turtles.

“It’s been living here for a year already, and it’s feeling very cozy.”

The water level in people’s cellars has reached 1.5 meters. The problem has appeared 5 years ago, and is still up-to-date. In order to solve it, there is a need of a project of 150 mln lei, money the local budget lacks.

In Comrat live over 26 thousand people.

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