People appreciate Government's efforts. What expectations do they still have from the country's leadership

Reconstructed roads, wages and pensions, the possibility of having the first home, holiday help and new jobs... are just some of the achievements of the Moldovan government in 2018.

People say they appreciate the authorities' efforts to raise their standard of living and hope for the next year to make other changes for the better. 

Natalia Tofan from Mireşti commune, Hincesti district says the roads in the village have been in a disastrous state for many years and the fact that they have finally been repaired is a great achievement. 

"They have made the roads, I have nothing to say, they made it bad, but they made the roads, it's normal, we gave it 600 lei, and I am happy", said Natalia Tofan.

And other people think road repair has set the tone for change for the better in 2018.

"There are a lot of good roads in our district, they have made many roads and I am very glad to see that we have had these changes. beautiful changes. "

"Since we were young we did not have such roads, roads, but now we have good roads and everything." 

Residents of the Peresecina village, Orhei district, appreciated the increase in wages and pensions in the achievements of the government. 

"In April, I increased my retirement pension, and not just everyone else. It should attract more attention to people for people to keep with them, to keep up with the government." 

"Plahotniuc, as I understand is does a lot for pensioners, honestly I say to you." 

This woman in Fundul Galbenei village, Hincesti district, hopes that the current government will succeed in the new year to achieve even more 
beautiful things for the citizens.

"I would say that the Government has moved a little, for two years. They have made their way, they have helped".

On the other hand, the woman looks mad at some politicians who make only promises. 

"What did he do? What did Nastase do to say that he made a way, for example, how did they do, or a school or opened a kindergarten, what Nastase did?"

And Maria Bunduchi from Hancesti, believes that Moldova would have been a prosperous country if the former governors were at least as responsible. 

"I like to live in Moldova. I did not go anywhere, because it is my country, my land, and I want everyone to do their job properly", said Maria Bunduchi, Hindusti village inhabitant.

People still hope that in the new year, the state will remain with the citizens.

"It was a good year 2018, but we still expect 2019 to be even better. It is positive that they have raised their pensions, they have raised their salaries now as of 1 January. We want to continue in 2019, too. " 

" Bigger pensions, more jobs for people not to go abroad so that Moldova to bloom. " 

Some also conveyed congratulatory messages to the governors. 

"To more and more. Give God to work for the country, for the people. To develop the country, to bring the invested in the country, the more investments".

"To live for many years, all good, to have health and everyone and everyone. Let God keep us safe, and let them be healthy, that they may rule the land".

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