Pensions from Moldova booked out for Christmas Eve by local and foreign tourists

Both local and foreign tourists took a shine to lodgings. As all places are booked out, owners make sure that their guests are treated well.

They decorated the Christmas tree, rented rooms and kindled a fire in the fireplace. Among all those, none forgot of the tradition to cut a pig, to which tourists enthusiastically participated.

The farm animal was fed for a year and a half, reaching close to 200 kg. Owners ensure that he had a good life.

"Straws are set because they offer the meat smell. It is tastier. Afterward we wash it good and prepare the food" villager from Trebujeni village, Orhei, Alexandru Moraru instructed.

The event became happiness for children, who gathered around to mount the pig. According to the tradition, it makes the meat tastier.

"I love this pension. It is interesting to be here and see those traditions."

While the pig was being prepared, women sorted the meat and prepared the menu for the Christmas table.

"We will use the ribs for a borscht with pickled cabbage, which our guests love. Most appreciated is the stew, it is closer to our tradition and people."

"The organs are always prepared, as many love to order them. Jellied pork, ham, blood sausage, meatballs. Everything that can be cooked using the pig" pension owner, Ala Benzing said.

Even the rooms, where tourists stay, were specially decorated. To convince more people to come, owners ensure that everything is ecological. 

"The furniture is made of wood, in a rustic style. The sheets, as you can see, are also chosen with traditions in mind. Behind there is a fireplace where wood can be kindled, to give a countryside atmosphere" administrator of the pension, Oxana Benzing explained.

Guests love the chance to spend their time feeling the holiday spirit. Moreover, those who stepped foot inside, are always glad to return.

"We also spent here the Christmas from 24th - 25th December and loved it. We will spend our time touring though Old Orhei, in the evening we will pay a visit to the pension's sauna and sit in front of the fireplace, eating."

The price to spend two nights in a pension is of 1 500 lei. The offer includes housing, thee meals a day, holiday table and entertainment. Guests can enjoy visit from villagers singing carols and see how the pig is cut and the meals are prepared.

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