Pensions for 65 000 citizens to increase starting 1st November 2017

Around 65 thousand citizens that retired between 2009-2011 will have bigger pensions starting today. The procedure was supposed to take place starting April 1st 2018, but due to existence of resources, the plan was pushed five months ahead.

Around 58 thousand pensioners will receive 17% more money, or 255 lei. Six thousand disabled persons will ale receive an 28% increase in their pensions, or 275 lei.

This is the second stage of evaluating pensions. The new formula was implemented starting April 1st, when allocations were recalculated for 2001-2008. Pensions for 2012-2012 will be recalculated on April 1st 2019. While in April 2019, will come the turn of those between 2015- 31st March 2017. 

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