Pensions and state maternity allocations to be raised

The pensions and the maternity leave payments will be larger this year, as is provided in the draft social insurances budget.

The parliament passed the bill in the first reading.

The biggest amount is earmarked for retirement pensions: nearly 8 billion lei for those 524,000 beneficiaries. This time of state pension was indexed by 10 per cent, on 1 April, up to 1,316 lei, on average.

The child care indemnity will also grow in 2016. The draft insurances budget also provides 9 million lei to organize summer camps resting for 6,000 children.

The incomes will be 14.945 billion lei, 11 % more than in 2016, as the expenditures will be 14.976 billion lei, that’s 10 % more than last year. ($1=MDL20)


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