Pensioners heartened by Easter supports of Government

Moldovans are happy to know that the pensioners will receive Easter support of 600 lei while they get monthly income of less than 2000 lei. 

Totally, 610 million people will receive the supports. Over 400,000 are old-age pension beneficiaries. The rest are people who receive disability, survivors' or social benefits.

Valentina and Gheorghe Prescornic from Logăneşti, Hânceşti are delighted with the decision. 

"This's great news when the pension is not high", said Valentina Prescornic.

Other people say they will have better holidays. 

"I will buy food and something for Easter. It's good thing that I want to recall every chance".

Decision for Easter grants of 600 lei was announced by PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc. The Government later assumed the responsibility for this project. 

The document will come into force unless motion of censure against government is filed after 72 hours since the executive's engagement. Government also offered the similar support for Christmas. 


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