Pediatricians of "Moldova Rebirth" campaign have visited Donduseni district

The majority of children from Arionesti village, Donduseni district, a suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This is the conclusion of pediatricians who examined today the children in the framework of the campaign “Moldova Rebirth”, initiated by Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” Foundation. The specialists have got in the village with a mobile office, equipped with modern equipment, and the consultations were free of charge.

Some of the most critical illnesses found were the heart diseases, chronic amygdalitis, gastrointestinal diseases, and caries.

“Today we have examined around 30 children. The majority of children from this region are suffering from born cardiovascular pathologies, minor heart congenital malformations.” Vladimir Iacomi, pediatrician Mother and Child Centre.

The parents say that the locality is very polluted, because the plantations near the village are treated with pesticides.

“This neighbor has apple and cherry orchard in his garden. Even the grass outside his household is sprinkled with poison.”

The parents were very glad of the doctors’ visit, especially when for a consultation they have to go 30 kilometers to the regional hospital.

“It is very difficult to go to Donduseni with small children. Every Monday to check-up, to analyses. 17 lei to Donduseni and 17 lei back home, now in this heat is very difficult.”

“It is very good, here is not very practiced. Did you ever go to consultation to Chisinau with the children? – No, only to Donduseni.”

“Thank you for what is offered to us. Not all people have the possibility to pay to a trip to Chisinau or Balti, where we also go.”

The action takes part from a campaign of Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” Foundation, organized in a partnership with Ministry of Health.

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