PDM wishes for a single candidate, representing all pro-European parties, to run for Chisinau Mayor

PDM wishes for a single pro-European candidate, representing all parties, to run for Mayor of Chisinau. The party's president, Vlad Plahotniuc declared today that the party will not forward a candidate, despite PDM having strong chances in winning the elections.

Vlad Plahotniuc said that Chisinau City Hall risks to fall into the hands of socialists, as the far-right parties are divided. Socialists will use the tensions among pro-European parties. Therefore, it is necessary to join forces and not allow them to be at helm. According to PDM's president, some have rushed to blame the party of not wishing the snap elections to take place, all of which are false rumors.

"We will support the person who will gain most favor from pro-European parties. Namely, the support of Party of Action and Solidarity, Liberal Party, Dignity and Truth Platform Party and European People's Party of Moldova. We are ready to support even our critics from the far-right parties, as a single candidate, if they will manage to win the favor of far-right parties", Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

Coming to an agreement on a single candidate will be a test for political maturity not only for the sake of the citizens, but also development partners and for the general elections from this autumn, Vlad Plahotniuc mentioned.

"We have to prove that we can set aside our differences for the sake of the Capital" PDM's president announced.

The official also claimed that pro-European parties should not let pride rule over them and commit the same mistake as during the presidential elections from 2016. At the time, PDM's support was refused and ignore, causing socialist Igor Dodon to win.

"Those who love making a cheap scene, just to appear on television for a few minutes and caused Dodon to be chosen in 2016, should think more carefully before speaking" Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

Political expert, Anatol Țăranu claims that if each party will have its own candidate, then socialists will win. Therefore, pro-European parties have to come to a decision fast.

"There are many wrong decisions that can be taken, which will cause serious political and electoral damages to those parties. I namely speak of PAS and DA, who have already proved their incompetence in cohesion" Anatol Ţăranul said.

PDM forwarded their vice-president Vladimir Cebotari, as the person who will negotiate on a single candidate that will represent all pro-European parties.

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