PDM to set new priorities underpinning Government and Parliament works in 2018

The Democratic Party of Moldova will establish a new set of priorities that will go further and will underpin the work of the Government and Parliament teams. The evaluation of the party's work, as well as the conclusions regarding the future actions, is based also on the latest opinion poll, conducted at the PDM command. It was completed in these days and was presented and discussed at the weekly meeting of the party.

PDM spokesman Vitalie Gamurari declared in a news briefing that the party places a special emphasis on consulting society's perceptions of government actions. PDM will continue to be guided by these surveys.

Gamurari noted that the latest survey shows an improvement in citizens' perception of government efforts. The ratio of optimists (30%) versus pessimists (23%) is positive, and government confidence reached 22%. This should be compared to the number in early 2016 that did not exceed 4% - 5%. 

First house project as well as education reforms are examples proving this confidence on government. 

There are some topics related to the same survey have been discussed in today meeting: the school uniforms which were supported by over 80% of survey participants is one of them. This question was put to the survey because there were proposals to initiate this project and Education Ministry was asked to come up with a vision on the subject, which would then be debated in society.

In addition, the survey shows 60% participants desire to join the EU. 

"It is a result that shows that the European vector is strengthening citizens'trust and receives growing support from the citizens," Gamurari pointed out.

Vitalie Gamurari stressed that in political sphere, the PDM obtains trust of the citizens. 

"When observe cautiously at the ratings of politicians and political parties, of course, there are always changes in every poll in all the aspects, we're convinced that increasing citizens are trusting the PDM. The party only accumulated 4% in the beginning of 2016 but got 8 - 9 % in following poll and received 12% in the latest poll.

"Opposition parties are experiencing significant stagnation or decline. In the current poll, trust on PSRM accounts 25%, PAS at 16%, and DA Platform at 6%, the rest of the formations being at the limit or below the electoral threshold", said PDM spokesman Vitalie Gămurari.

Proposals to dynamize party and government activity, as well as elements related to the party's strategy for the next period, will be discussed within the National Political Council, convened for Thursday, December 14th, and on December 15th, the PDM Politburo will be held.

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