PDM to attack the Constitutional Court changes in the Law on the Prosecutor's Office made by ACUM-PSRM Alliance

The Democratic Party of Moldova will attack the Constitutional Court changes in the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, adopted in two readings by the PSRM-ACUM Alliance. Speaking at the Parliament's rostrum, the Democrat MP Vlad Cebotari, stressed that the draft law proposed by the Ministry of Justice actually means the direct submission of the Prosecutor's Office of political control.

Cebotari recalled that the law in force was developed with the participation of representatives of civil society, as well as of Western experts, and was intended to ensure the institution's independence and grant full autonomy to the Supreme Council of Prosecutors. In contrast, the amendments to the Law of the Prosecutor's Office, made hastily, by the current parliamentary majority, without public consultations, without the opinion of the Venice Commission, without an opinion of the European Union, practically impose political control over this important institution.

'I honestly believed that the majority of this room, just as the citizens want a fair justice, less politicized, that does not depend on the indications from the road, from the Ministry of Interior or elsewhere, but it is not The only explanation is that you want to be politically controlled by the Prosecutor's Office. Move the filter to the Ministry of Justice. Where is the separation of powers in the state? ', said Vladimir Cebotari.

'The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, art. 125 (1) says 'The Superior Council of Prosecutors is the guarantor of the independence and impartiality of the prosecutors'. By the draft law submitted today by the new government, the PSP is deprived of its powers under the Constitution. at the Constitutional Court this law', mentioned the deputy Pavel Filip.

The draft law was voted in two readings by the parliamentary majority.

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