PDM to attack in court General Prosecutor's Office decision

General Prosecutor's Office (GP) refuses to present a copy of the ordinance, signed by the interim general prosecutor, Dumitru Robu, for starting a criminal case regarding alleged acts of usurpation of power in the state.

This refusal is motivated by the fact that the group of Democratic deputies, who requested the presentation of the copy, didn't indicate request circumstance and stated the material was confidential. 

The Democratic Party considers that this refusal is related to the lack of evidence in this file made at the command of the PSRM-ACUM alliance, a file that is part of a large campaign of intimidation and harassment of PDM representatives during the electoral period.

The Democratic deputies will attack in the court the refusal of the General Prosecutor's Office.

We recall that, at the beginning of August, a group of Democratic deputies asked GP to copy the order to initiate the criminal case regarding alleged acts of usurpation of power in the state, to attack it in court, including on the grounds that this decision is illegal from the perspective of the procedure.

Moreover, the PDM will submit several complaints and notifications to the GP, both on proven facts regarding the usurpation of power by the current regime of government, including between June 8 and 15, as well as regarding more illegalities committed, abuse and excess of power.


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