PDM searches for solution to punish drivers who park illegally

The actual practice of the policemen to take the registration plates of the illegally parked cars can disappear. The Democratic party wants an alternative solution to punish the drivers. The drivers complained that because of the lack of the parking places, they should park the cars where they find a place. Besides the fact that they pay the fine, they remain without registration plates.

''The drivers are angry because they should wait a lot till the MAI representative comes. Besides the fine, they also lose time. On the other side, we want this process to be as formalized as possible, to avoid the corruption of the MAI representatives'', said Vitalie Gamurari, the spokesman of the Democratic Party.

The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs will find a convenient solution both for the drivers and the policemen. At the same time, Vitalie Gamurari said the creation of new parking places also might happen.

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