PDM: Sandu's accusation is nothing but to reveal party's degraded situation

The accusations that Maia Sandu brings to the Democratic Party denotes the desperate situation in her party. PDM becomes involved in solving citizens' problems which made the PAS worry. This PDM reaction came after PAS's accusation by its leader, Maia Sandu. 

"Democratic Party is getting closer to citizens' problems and becomes involved in resolving them which worry the political party, particularly after the opinion polls confirming trust increase of citizen in Democratic Party. Other parties experience trust decrease, according to that poll.

"The accusations which accuse PDM of usurping the state because PDM is involved in solving citizens' problems, are absurd. They are in fact a desperate attempt by the PAS to stop the rise of the PDM. It is a reaction caused by panic and the lack of political projects of the PAS.

"What makes the PDM is to seek solutions together with the Government to stop the social disaster that Maia Sandu produced in the school system by closing down schools without a proper assessment, which led to a social catastrophe," the DPM .

"We would like Maia Sandu to talk about usurpation when she was a PLDM representative, when Vama and Fiscor terrorized business and citizens, when teachers were forced to participate in her party's electoral events."

"The Democratic Party of Moldova will continue to be fully and transparently involved in adapting the government's work to reach real citizens' agenda. In this respect, we will continue to demand maximum efficiency from the state institutions, concrete results and a total change of attitude towards the citizens, an improvement of the services rendered to the population ", according to the release issued by PDM.

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