PDM requests GPO to initiate criminal prosecution of state power usurpation against Dodon, Sandu, Nastase

PDM deputies today filed a criminal complaint requesting the General Prosecutor's Office to initiate the criminal prosecution of the usurpation of state power, between June 8-15, by President Igor Dodon, PM Maia Sandu, Internal Minister Andrei Năstase, members of the Government Sandu and deputies from the parliamentary majority.

The Democrats also requested that the prosecutors undertake all the measures of criminal prosecution, necessary for bringing to account the persons guilty of committing this serious crime against the citizens.

"The PDM deputies present a summary of the legal circumstances, which, between June 8-15, resulted in the violation of the Constitution and the decisions of the Constitutional Court by Igor Dodon, Maia Sandu, Andrei Năstase, but also 61 deputies of the PSRM-PAS-PPDA.

These subjects, during the mentioned period, without having any constitutional and legitimate rights, took over the state power, although a series of decisions of the Constitutional Court showed the illegal character of these actions.

The mentioned citizens acted premeditated and intentionally, because they knew about the illegal facts, they were aware of the decisions of the Constitutional Court, but they continued to make illegal decisions in order to take over the state powers.

Thus, the Democrats assert that there are all the constituent elements of the crime provided by art. 339 para. (1) Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, and the prosecuting authorities are obliged to start a criminal prosecution in this regard", quoted the press release of PDM


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