PDM representatives won local elections in Sângera, Lăpuşna and Berlinţi

Preliminary data from CEC shows that PDM representatives have won the second round of local elections in Sângera, as well as in Lăpuşna commune from Hânceşti and Berlinţi, from Briceni.

In Sângera, Valeriu Poiata became the winner, having gained 1.937 voted. While in Berlinţi commune, from Briceni, most voted, of 510, were given to Viorica Oleinic.

In Lăpuşna commune, from Hânceşti, the sole candidate at elections, PDM member, Ion Babuioc, was voted by 1.131 citizens.

PUBLIKA reminds that all 10 representatives from PDM have won the position of Mayors in repeated local elections. 7 mandates were won during the first round of elections.

Therefore, PDM representative has won in Zârnești commune, Cahul region. Nicolae Beju was chosen by 90% of voters. His opponent was socialist Victor Pascal. 

PDM representative Ion Scutaru, managed to also become Mayor of Căpriana, with over 80% of votes, who as well competed with a PSRM representative.

In Fundurii Noi village, Glodeni, over 60% of people chose PDM candidate Vasili Colenco, having defeated socialist Tatiana Ghetmancenco. 

In Ghiliceni commune, Telenești, the Mayor will be democrat Nicolae Rotaru, who gained the support of 55% of voters.

At the same time, in Sărăteni commune, Leova, PDM representative Vladimir Ungureanu was chose, while in Ștefănești commune, Florești - democrat  Ludmila Zdraguș.

In another two districts, PDM forwarded one representatives each, both having won the election. We speak of Plopi commune, Cantemir, which is now led by Anatoli Todorov.

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