PDM: PSRM-PAS-PPDA Alliance broke the proportionate representation of the parliamentary majority and of the opposition within CEC

The PSRM-PAS-PPDA parliamentary majority who made a firm announcement about depoliticizing the state institutions, transparently appointing professional people into functions, have designated today one member of each party as a member of the Central Electoral Commission.

This way, as CEC members were designated: of PPDA - Dumitru Pavel, which is the PPDA leader's lawyer, and who is protecting PPDA members' interests, the Socialist representative - Maxim Lebedinschi, counselor of judiciary problems of the President Igor Dodon and PhD. in Law, Dorin Cimil, proposed by PAS.

The Democratic MP Sergiu Sirbu said that through this designation wasn't respected the principle of proportionate representation of the parliamentary majority and of the opposition, how provides the Art.16 from the Electoral Code. And through today's decision, the PSRM-ACUM Alliance broke the legislation and showed the emptiness of the highly-mentioned declarations about depoliticizing the state institutions, actually being followed the plan of appointing into functions of the governing power's representatives.

Also, the Democratic MP Andrian Candu said that if there truly was a will for transparency, there would be organized a contest to select the best candidates for CEC, but today we assist at a discretionary appointing into functions of political parties representatives. 


PDM members arguments weren't heard by the parliamentary majority. At the same session, those three candidates were confirmed for CEC and also took the oath.

The three positions within CEC became vacant after the institution's president, Alina Russu, the Deputy President Rodica Ciubotaru and the Commission's member Iurie Ciocan, submitted their resignation notes as a protest towards the political interference in CEC's activity.
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