PDM-PSRM alliance? Secret meeting between a group of Democratic and Socialist MPs tonight in Parliament

The meeting was moderated by President Igor Dodon, the informal leader of the Socialists. Prime Minister Ion Chicu also participated. The media has not been announced. Igor Dodon confirmed the meeting in a statement on his Telegram.

Only the press affiliated with the Socialist Party was present at the meeting. 

Asked later about negotiations on creating an alliance, both Democrats and Socialists who were in the discussion denied this. PDM MP Sergiu Sîrbu, who did not participate in the meeting, talks about a PDM-PSRM coalition.

The meeting was attended by the majority of the MPs from the faction: Pavel Filip, Dumitru Diacov, Eugen Nichiforciuc, Monica Babuc, Vasile Bâtca, Ruxanda Glavan, Alexandru Jizdan, Igor Vremea, Vladimir Andronachi, Nicolae Ciubuc, Violeta Ivanov. 

Igor Dodon was the first to announce that the Socialists and Democrats are discussing support for the Chicu Government on a social network.

In Igor Dodon's statement, nothing is said about a possible political collaboration.

Shortly after, an identical press release was also posted on Parliament's website.


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