PDM organizes real Teacher Day for pedagogues in Ialoveni

Teachers from Ialoveni District had a real celebration organized by the Democratic Party. Teachers were greeted with bouquets of flowers.

Among the tributes are the Andrews and Anastasia Gutanu, who spent more than 40 years and spent among the disciples.

"Being a teacher is a great honor, because you are all the time among the children and doing a noble thing, educating the children. If the man is appreciated and appreciates, he feels happy and although we are old, we rejuvenate," said Andrei Guţanu.

"Teachers are the ones who handle the art of supporting the discovery, the teachers are the ones who write first on the board of every man's life. They are the ones who can turn ordinary people into heros," said PDM's Ialoveni branch head Gennady Sajin.

The event also talked about projects designed to support teachers.

"This year, the subsidies offered to graduates of pedagogy specialties were increased. We believe that this will be followed by other actions that will try to provide better conditions to young people who will be distributed to the localities of the Republic of Moldova" , said Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc.

A concert was also held in honor of the teachers. The surprise of the event was the performance of the performers Anastasia Lazariuc and Fuego.

There are almost 400 teachers working in the educational institutions in Ialoveni rayon.

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