PDM MP proposed amendment to raise lawmaker's salary

Salaries for parliamentary members could increase 4000 lei, the amendment to the Draft Law of the 2020 State Budget was submitted by PDM MP Vladimir Cebotari. In 2019, the lawmakers'salary starts at nearly 10600 lei but this year, their salary can increase to 14700 lei. 

" These amendments were supported by all commissions and were voted in the Parliament of all the political groups present, "said the PDM deputy, Vladimir Cebotari.

According to Cebotari, his amendment aimed at increases for several categories of employees, both for the public employees at the level of the rayon public administrations and at the local ones.

However, in the Economy Budget and Finance Parliament Committee, he said his proposed would not have been supported by all colleagues. Only the amendments for the deputies, secretariat and a few positions in the level I and II LPAs were endorsed.



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