PDM meets Dubăsari district locals complaining of not being able to work their fields

The people from Dubăsari district hope the future president will solve the problem of their access to agricultural fields, blocked by the unconstitutional authorities from Tiraspol. Their wishes were expressed at a meeting of the Democratic deputies and ministers, in the electoral tour promoting Marian Lupu for president.

Some complained they cannot work their fields located over the road leading from Tiraspol to Râbniţa, controlled by the Tiraspol-based rebels. The Transnistrian militia keep monitoring them.

Although they are permitted to seed their fields in spring, they are not allowed to bring home their harvest in fall. The students are also hindered to attend different contests in the district.

The deputy minister of the Regional Development, Anatolie Zolotcov, born in the district, said only a president as Marian Lupu will be able to find the solutions: "The agricultural fields are the main problem. The villagers from Coşniţa, Doroţcaia, Pohrebea have fields over the Râbniţa-Tiraspol road."

The Democratic MPs and ministers also visited the villages of Pârâta, Coşniţa, Doroțkaia, Molovata and Oxentia.

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