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The Democratic Party of Moldova, as the main political force of the opposition, expresses it's deep concern over the multiple antidemocratic slippages and abuses of the current government of the Republic of Moldova. In this context, we would like to draw the attention of the international partners regarding the following issues:

1. Violation of the principle of political pluralism
PDM expresses its concern over the recent statements of the current government, according to which the Democratic Party of Moldova “has to be outlawed”. We consider this an attempt to exclude the only parliamentary party of the opposition, and a political reckoning of the Government. The governing coalition continues to put pressure over the General Prosecutor’s Office to make it initiate a criminal file on state power usurpation, initiative that was previously rejected by this institution. What is more critical is that, recently, the president of the country announced he had given orders to the new interim General Prosecutor to investigate the “usurpation of state power in June this year”.

These attempts to fabricate political files to PDM leaders for power usurpation are revolting, including in the context when the international community welcomed the peaceful transfer of power from the PDM side. However, the parliamentary majority created an inquiry commission “to elucidate the factual and legal circumstances regarding the tentative of unconstitutional coup d’etat of PDM achieved through the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor’s Office”. The commission exerts pressure on state institutions and does not aim at “elucidating the circumstances”, but at the public condemnation of the Democratic Party of Moldova and its removal out of law, given the forthcoming local elections in October.

2. Exertion of pressure on party members (MPs, mayors, public servants) PDM members are also alarmed by the pressure they face from the representatives of the current power.
Hundreds of public servants in the country are dismissed from their positions only for the reason that they have been part of the former government. The new Government has illegally fired in a single day 65 public servants (state secretaries employed follow inf public and transparent competitions, but also head of territorial offices of the State Chancellery). We have received signals and complaints from territorial organizations of our party in which PDM members tell us that they are persecuted, threatened and blackmailed with criminal files aiming at making them to migrate to parties of the new political power. PDM MPs are intimidated to give up on their mandates or to migrate to other parliamentary factions that are in power. Moreover, recently we have registered cases in which relatives of MPs or members of the party are retained/arrested following some fabricated criminal files. 

3. Political sharing of institutions, disregard to the rule of law and of separation of power in the state, meddling in justice. We would also like to draw attention to some antidemocratic and anti-constitutional slippages, in the context when some of the leaders of the current governing coalition have shared and politically subordinated the institutions of force, justice, and not only: the Information and Security Service, the National Anti-corruption Center, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the State Protection and Guard Service, the Central Electoral Commission. At the same time, politicians of the current government continue to also share, in a non-transparent manner, the positions in other institutions of justice and to subordinate them politically, as the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Supreme Council of the Magistracy, etc. We have been assisting for the last weeks to political sharing of the institutions that are supposed to be independent, through fake competitions for some positions, to a total and unprecedented politicization of law institutions. What is most critically and revolting is that those who have been appointed in leadership positions in law institutions receive direct orders from politicians, including publicly, thus fragrantly violating the principle of separation of state powers. Recently, the president of the country announced that in the following weeks there “will be issued criminal files, with very concrete, sonorous cases, that will hold accountable those who have been part of the old leadership”. For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, a prime minister went to assist the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy and threatened the magistrates with dismissal if they don’t take certain decisions, and the minister of Justice gave orders to the Supreme Council of the Magistracy regarding the candidates which the institution is supposed to propose for the position of judge to the Constitutional Court. Politicians’ pressure over the representatives of justice is unprecedented.

4. Attacks on media freedom
We would like to also express our concern regarding the abuses that are made in the area of the media freedom. Recently, the prime minister of the country threatened with dismissal the members of the Audiovisual Coordination Council who, as follows, dismissed in corpore the Supervisory Board of the public TV station. Furthermore, one of the central TV stations of the Russian Federation, Pervyi Kanal (First Channel), will be re-broadcast by a TV station affiliated to a party of the governing coalition.

In every the abusive cases, the PSRM-PAS-PPDA alliance makes reference to a mythic statement regarding the “captured state” that, in their opinion, annuls any law in the country, including the Constitutional legislation. However, the manner they share and politically subordinate the law institutions shows that our country has never been more captive to the interests of politicians than it is today. And what can be publicly seen is only a very small part of the severe things that are happening now in state institutions, especially in the law institutions.

In this context, we call on the foreign partners and international organizations to firmly intervene to stop all these abuses and pressure of the Government. We also call on your involvement to convince the politicians of the current government to come back to the constitutional realm, including to the respect of the political pluralism, of the rule of law and of the democratic principles.
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