PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc at renovated kindergarten: Investing in children means investing in future

Romanian government and central and local authorities of Moldova have invested up to 26 million euros for renovation projects aimed at kindergartens which benefit over 200 thousand children of Moldova. 

Kindergarten Povestea in Nisporeni is one of 900 institutions upgraded in the past years. The projects changed windows, installed boiler and solar panels, renovated bedrooms, playrooms. 

Timotei, four years old, is attending this kindergarten. Conditions of school has been improved over the past years, says his mother Cristina Moldovan. 

"Our children like to wash their hands with hot water heated by solar batteries. His school is really warm thanks to heating project. We're happy and assured our children are taken care well", said Cristina Moldovan, resident of Nisporeni.

"We wash hands and do exercise and play with friends. It's so comfortable in the kindergarten". 

School's conditions and salary increase hearten its employees. 

"It's raised up to five thousand lei now. It's big encouragement for young specialists. I love my profession, that's why I'm working here", confirmed Marina Pralea, teacher at kindergarten. 

As a resident in Nisporeni, PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc visited the renovated school to observe the truths. The candidate of Nisporeni mentioned kindergarten is really important and investment in children pays off prosperous future. The party has proposed and will implement several social initiatives to support families with children.

"Family receives 200 lei for each child. This's much billions lei we can offer them from state budget. We controlled and ensured no more thefts from budget. Free pharmacies is another project for children", said Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM candidate in district 17, Nisporeni.

People also mentioned other subjects at meeting with the Democrats. 

- We want good roads. 

- We understand, we will carry on the road projects. 

Vlad Plahotniuc also visited Mircea Eliade High School in Nisporeni, where he talked with teachers and students. Teachers welcomed wage reform in the budget system.

"I know new salary formula was enabled thanks to involvement of Democratic Party. We thank you". 

"Firstly, I wan to congratulate you for your dedication and sincerity. I don't know you, I only saw you on television. Today I'm so honored to meet you personally. Let me shake your hand", said Anastasia Rusu, a math teacher.


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