PDM leader Marian Lupu lays flowers at French Embassy: It's a gesture of human and political support

Democratic president Marian Lupu has laid flowers at France’s embassy to Chişinău, following the bloody attack in Nice.

"We stand by our French colleagues in these horrible moments of much main and grief. We express our condolences, support and solidarity with France. What has happened demands the consolidation of all the efforts of countries to contribute to combating these horrifying phenomenon. I am sorry innocent lives have been lost, those people didn’t have to die. It’s a gesture of human and political support," Marian Lupu said.

The event has also been attended by Liberal president Mihai Ghimpu.

"The citizens’ safety is the key problem of the Europeans in their attempt to curb such events, which continue to jeopardize human lives. It’s sad and painful. Condolences," Mihai Ghimpu said.

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