PDM leader Marian Lupu attended sitting of Inequality Committee of Socialist International

The president of the Democratic Party from Moldova (PDM), Marian Lupu, as a vice-chairman of the Socialist International (SI), attended the sitting of the Committee on Inequality, a structure of the SI, which gathered in Brussels on June 4.

Drafting an action plan on reducing economic inequalities at regional, national and international levels was tackled at the reunion.

The committee was chaired by Elio Di Rupo, Belgium’s former prime-minister, the leader of the Socialist Party, and was attended by George Papandreou, SI chairman and Greece’s former prime-minister, Luis Ayala, SI secretary general, Eero Heinaluoma, former speaker of the Finnish Parliament, Ricardo Lagos, ex-president of Chile, Richard Parker from Harvard university, former advisor to senator Kennedy, president of Americans for Democratic Action, and other representatives of national and international organizations.

As an SI vice-chairman responsible with Eastern Europe and the CIS, Marian Lupu made a general presentation of the social and economic situation in the area.

The new challenges of the world economy and the factors leading to the increase of economic inequality were discussed at the reunion.

Issues as social justice, healthcare, climate change, migration, education etc. were touched upon at the meeting.

The SI council is to convene earlier next week in Geneva, as the Committee on Inequality will have a new sitting to work out the document and hand it the Socialist parties as a cornerstone, a solution and an action plan regarding the world economic inequality.

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