PDM launches first public-private partnership project. New arena to be built in Chisinau (FOTO)

The Democratic Party from Moldova releases a public private partnership project that targets to attract funds to build manifunctional and modern arenas. The Government experts say that the project of law will be finished within a year.

"We didn't have the opportunity to develop a project of national importance. We made many studies and analyzes, we discussed with many investors and noticed that we have the chance to implement such a project in Moldova.

The projects assume a private and public partnership and requires to collect deals at an international level. The state will offer the required support, inclusively by participating to such a project. We presented the project to our  party colleagues  and we will require the Parliament's votes.

We plan to release the project within a year.

We talk about a manifunctional arena with a capacity of 5 000 places that can host concerts, exhibitions, sport events, training and so on.

In our concept, this arena will have adjacent places: a pool, SPA, fitness, tennis club. It is multifunctional.

The land is paced at the north entrance in Chisinau. The additional information were posted on the party's site. We will start to propose some ideas, we will initiate laws", said Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.

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