PDM first deputy president Vlad Plahotniuc ASSURES Filip Government enjoys ruling Coalition's full support

The first deputy president of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), Vlad Plahotniuc, has posted a statement on his Facebook page reading: “I notice the Government’s stability makes more and more nervous the ones trying, for months, to throw Moldova into chaos and to subjugate it to their interests.

Risking to enhance their negative emotions and to deprive them of a new manipulation topic, I announce:

1. The Government enjoys total political backing from the ruling Coalition, the same being valid for Moldova’s Prime-Minister, Mr. Pavel Filip.

2. All speculation that the Prime-Minister may allegedly be dismissed is meant only to manipulate the public and to falsely question the stability in the country.

3. Mr. Pavel Filip has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to a Prime-Minister in order to insure economic growth in difficult conditions and to carry out the reforms indispensable for this country’s progress.

I understand some find it difficult to accept there are no endless quarrels within the coalition any longer and now one works constructively, but I think it’s time they got used to normality, too.

The Premier and Government will enjoy our whole political support to successfully end their term in office and to carry out the reforms the ruling Coalition assumed responsibility for."

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