PDM deputy visiting Stefan Voda village. Needy people could have personal assistants paid by state

Nearly 100 people with special needs from Stefan Voda village need to be under constant supervision.Close relatives may have the right to become personal assistant paid by the government. They are just waiting for approval requests. The issue was discussed by district residents in the working visit by Deputy Elena Bacalu.

Two years ago, Filip Mazgras's wife was the victim of an accident. Since then he is bedridden and his wife became hispersonal assistant. Besides psychological support which she provides, the man receives money for woman's care. Local authorities amount 1,800 lei per month. 

"We can buy medicines. Before Iborrowed money and was thinking how to give the back. Today I made a list of what to buy, the bread is 13 lei and a kg cheese is 40 lei" , said personal assistant.

The man has not left his wife a single second and fought for every step that she made "To make it easier for her, I made a parallel to the athletes. I also did a bike for her to learn to walk. "

There are 90 other families that are facing the same problems and are waiting for their applications to be approved. This woman  counts every penny, because her husband's pension can not cover all expenses.

"We get 1,600 lei. Every day we spend up to 100 lei and I thank my children for helping me. I loan, receive my pension and then give back the debt. I used to go to the market, but when coming back home I always  found him on the ground" , said the woman.

Democrat Elena Bacalu assured that families who face this problem will receive approval in the shortest time.
"Stefan Voda reached a number of 52 personal assistants over three years. I hope that in a very short period. In two to three years will benefit from the personal assistants and those who at the moment can not benefit from personal assistants" ,said the democrat.

During the visit, Elena Bacalu discussed with representatives of local authorities and visited the kindergarten in the Feşteliţa village. Recently, the institution received a two million lei grant from Romania. The money were used for reparations.

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