PDM deputies left message on PAS, PPDA and PLDM petition. Filat, Sor, Sandu and Nastase are involved in (VIDEO)

The PDM deputies asked the European Institutions to investigate the role of Vlad Fialt, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase in the bankrupt from Moldova. Also, the Democrats from the Parliament launched a petition to request the European Parliament and the European Commission to investigate the role of the PLDM deputies, Maia Sandu who was a PLDM deputy in 2014, but also Andrei Nastase in the fraud at the three banks from Moldova. 

PDM deputies signed the petition in front of the Parliament.

Zagorodnîi: You know who are the beneficiaries of the bankrupt?

PAS: We want to know.

Zagorodnîi: The ones who are imprisoned in the No.13 Prison, Platon and Filat.

PAS: Orhei mayor.

Zagorodnîi: You are right.

Stratan: The robber is also Maia Sandu.

PAS: How can you dare to say Maia Sandu?

Stratan: I dare to say this, the way she dares to say she lives on her savings.

Zagorodnîi: Nastase, Topa brothers.

The Democratic deputy, Sergiu Sirbu and the others members of the party didn't sing the petition, but wrote a message to the European officials.

Zagorodnîi: Sergiu, you write too much.

Sîrbu: Wait! The Europeans must know what to investigate.

We appreciate the courage of PDM, they came and signed", said PAS vice president, Mihai Popusoi.

Some socialists signed the petition, but accused Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase of organizing the bankrupt.

"I don't remember that Maia Sandu said "a bankrupt is prepared". You can tell her that she is guilty", said Grigore Novac, PSRM deputy.

The representatives of PAS, PPDA and PLDM refused to sign another petition addressed to the European Parliament and the European Commission. In the document, the democrats request the European Institutions to check the implication of PAS leader, Maia Sandu in the bankrupt.

"It is about the way they used the money they stole from BEM. We want the European Institution to find evidences on this case and make it more clear", said Sergiu Sarbu, PDM deputy.

The PDM deputies wrote the European representatives that in the investigations made by the Moldovan authorities, many uncertainties came up. According to PDM, both Vlad Filat and Maia Sandu, but also the PLDM representatives traveled abroad on the money taken from the three banks.

"The evidences show that PLDM was funded by the money stolen from the three banks, inclusively, Maia Sandu should tell us that she received money in 2014 from Sor, FIlat, Platon and Topa brothers", said Eugen NIchiforciuc, PDM deputy.

Last week, PAS and PPDA leaders, 30 people altogether run from the Parliament, after two hundred Young Democrats asked them where do they take money. They urged them not to lie that they are pro-Europeans and accused them that they are a toy of Kremlin. 

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