PDM delegation reached Fălești. Vlad Plahotniuc discussed with locals about new investments and new jobs

Creation of regional centers for processing agricultural products, relocation of economic agents from cities to local neighborhood, reanimation of vocational-technical education, attracting investments in rural areas. They are parts of PDM's plans to boost the economy in the rural zones. These are among topics tabled at the meetings with residents of Fălești district made by PDM delegation led by the party leader Vlad Plahotniuc.

A business model is the cable factory in Albinețul Vechi villagewhere the PDM delegation visited. 

The investment from Italy exceeded five million euros, and the company is one of the largest contributors to the local budget.

The 820 employees have good working conditions and enjoy a decent salary which motivated Moldovans to return home. 

"It's really good, the company came to us in the village. We can work and stay next to our families". 

Next week, the factory will be included in the Balti Economic Free Zone. The company's representatives say that due to the support from the government, they are able to expand their business. 

"From the point of view of entrepreneurs, it's really interesting opening. We cooperate really with the government, with the customs", said Octavian Ţibirenco, director of the cable company.

People want to have as many jobs as possible in their localities. A local from Făleştii Noi commune referred to the old factory in the village, to be repaired.

"They have to be repaired. We will come with new investment in every locality, we will relocate them to rural zones. Moreover, we must review the education system", said Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM candidate.

PDM election delegation also reached Mihai Eminescu high school in Făleşti. The students are interested in the future of our country and its external relations. 

"Why we don't create conditions for our country to develop without dependence on anyone. The only solution is to integrate us into the EU or the Eurasian Union to improve the situation Republic of Moldova? What do you think?"

"The Democratic Party is not the most comfortable partner for all our neighbors. You know why? Because we have our opinions and that's why Moldovans is standing in front, the interests of our citizens is our priority, we have our pride, we have dignity, we know what to do", said Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM candidate.

The Delegation also had talks with health employees. 

PDM candidate in the 11th district, Iraida Bînzari, who is the district's president for over three years says it would be her pride to represent the people' interests in the next Parliament. 

"Făleşti was abandoned in the previous period. During this three-year mandate, I felt many new things came", said Iraida Bînzari, PDM candidate in the constituency no.11, Făleşti. 

"I did not take the candidate to Chisinau, because he cares about the locality, the people, he is involved in all the processes," said Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM candidate.

PDM candidate Iraida Bînzari will compete with other five candidates in the constituency no.11 in Făleşti. 

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