PDM condemns speculation that party might be outlawed

The Democratic Party of Moldova condemns the speculation that the party might be outlawed. The Democratic Party of Moldova, established in 1997, continues and will continue to operate legally, and all speculation launched in the public, according to which PDM might be outlawed, aims to discredit the party and put pressure on the local officials to quit party. 

These speculations have been launched to discourage potential Democratic Party candidates from local elections to be held on October 20th.

In this way, PDM appeals to political opponents to give up this kind of undemocratic attacks. Moreover, PDM urged the diplomatic community to draw attention to the antidemocratic skirmishes of some representatives of the government, who hit the Moldovan pluralism of opinions and politics, striking in the democracy of our state.

The Democratic Party of Moldova is the main opposition party in the country, which gained roughly 25% votes in the last parliamentary election.

The PDM will continue to draw attention to all unlawfulness, overrun of attribution, cases of interference in law and violation of the separation of powers in the state, on the cases of political subordination of independent institutions which was already done with the CEC and CNA, and we will further calls for concrete measures to be taken for the well-being of citizens.

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