PDM condemns Russia's provocative actions and political prosecution of Moldovan officials

PDM condemns the provocative actions of harassment and political prosecution they continue to face, from Russian Federation, toward party representatives, as well as officials from the Government and the Parliament.

In a press statement, PDM informs that during the past year, there have been 10 investigations upon political and government officials from Republic of Moldova.


"Many solicitations from Russia were rejected by Interpol and other international institutions, being declared as harassment and political prosecution toward Moldovan officials. Those failures, registered by Russian authorities, have brought to bigger radicalization toward acts of harassment and political prosecution.

Those abuses came from several Russian institutions, based on geopolitics, intimidation, blackmail and harassment of Moldovan officials. Another reason standing behind those false files in Russia, is to cover the trail of some persons accused of crimes on the territory of Republic of Moldova, persons who continue to act in the interest of Russian secret services and against Republic of Moldova. 

All this political harassment has so luckily begun at the same time when investigators from Moldova have started digging deeper in the case of the 22 billion US dollars laundering from Russian Federation, through some Moldovan banks.

PDM requests Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Moldova to take measures to once again officially condemn this political harassment, taking into consideration that Russia has yet to answer the Government's and Parliament's previous statements regarding the abuse multiple Moldovan officials face.

PDM will also inform international institutions regarding the new abuses Russia commits against officials from the Government and the Parliament of Republic of Moldova" wrote the press statement of Democratic Party of Moldova.

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