PDM closer to people, teenagers visited old people and helped with household

They took the brooms and the rakes and cleaned a park from Balti. The members of the Young Organization of the Democratic party from Balti decided to help the authorities. Within the campaign ''Nepoti de nadejde'', the young visit tens of old and bring them bread and all the necessary for the household.

The young say they care about their city and they understand it needs help.

''Each week, we do such activities. For example, today, we gathered to clean the park. I am glad that there are such organizations where young can be involved in different activities.''

''I care about our society and I want to help it.''

Weekly, tens of old from Balti receive bread and help from the young democrats.

''Young democrats will come and bring you bread.''

''I feel honoured every year, because you bring something useful everythime. Potatoes, onion, flour, sugar. I am thankful to the democratic party because I watch the TV and see their activities, previously leaded by Lupu and now by Plahotnoic.''

It is a good example for everybody. My husband is after surgery and he can't go anywhere. We are old.''

According to the President of the Young Oranization of Democrats from Balti, in the last months, the number of the young who decided to get involved in those projects raised.

''We are glad that the young are interested in our activities. In the last three months, over 100 young came in our team. From our discusions, we understood they come here to be useful for the society and the city, as they are very active in our projects'', said Alexei Onoico, the president of the Organization of Young Democrats.

The organization has 130 members in Balti.

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