PDM brings JOY. Baskets full of goodies for people in need

Smiles and joy on the faces of many children left without parental care, and people with special needs from Cahul town. They have received baskets full of goodies for Easter. The gifts have been given by members of the local Democratic Party. The young people, lead by MP Elena Bacalu have managed to bring smile to four hundred people.

Five children without parents, raised by Ion and Diamantei Bria, have also received gifts. Spouses are caring for the orphans since 2000.

The fate of Daria, an 8-year-old girl, was cruel, she being abandoned by her parents in maternity and is living in the orphanage. Recently, she underwent foot surgery, but no one came to visit her.

The child was overjoyed with the gifts received: "Cake, bananas, eggs, candy, chocolate, tangerines".

The members of the Democratic Party of Moldova have surprised the painter Gheorghe Soitu from Cahul town. The artist is painting for almost 50 years. He painted dozens of paintings annually, and without a workshop, is forced to work in the apartment where he lives.

"We try to be there for those kids, those elders, those people who need our support. I'm glad our team in Cahul is receptive and over the years, this has become a tradition" , said Elena Bacalu, PDM deputy.

A similar action took place in the north of the country. The Democrat Corneliu Padnevici has brought joy to about six hundred people in need.

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