PDM: Bloc ACUM hone in on state positions and ignore citizens' needs

The bloc ACUM concentrate on messages and actions only to obtain positions to take over state institutions, ignoring priority agendas for citizens' interests and needs. PDM spokesman Vitalie Gamurari commented on political situation in the past days. 

"People see that bloc ACUM show interest in state positions so much that they violate their commitment signed before the Parliament elections. They committed not to creating any alliance with Socialist Party including informal one. 

PDM insists that there are confusing messages and actions of several parties regarding future of the Republic of Moldova. We request parliamentary parties to stay on the ground. They should know that the electoral campaign was closed. They need to connect real agenda of citizens", said Vitalie Gamurari. 

Vitalie Gamurari also mentioned that parliament parties are obliged to tackle social issues facing citizens. 

"A real and constructive dialogue is needed for this work. A working group is a must to deal with that, not to share the state positions". 

PDM spokesman reiterated several social issues the Moldovans face with such as wage increase, pensions, job creation, good road. 

"All necessary actions to tackle these issues are placed high priority in PDM governance", said Vitalie Gamurari. 

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