PDM and ACUM propose to cut President Igor Dodon's salary

MPs of the bloc ACUM and the PDM have proposed to lower salaries of other state officials including President Igor Dodon. 

"We will also come up with amendments to adjust the salaries of other state officials, for example, I was thinking of the president of the Republic of Moldova, I was thinking of ministers," said PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco.

"Many colleagues including those are present here and from the Government and Moldovan President will start populist initiatives. We will supplement it with the decrease of salaries of president, ministers and other officials", said the PDM MP Andrian Candu.

The Socialists said they would not vote for this amendment. 

- Will you support to cut down the president's salary?

- We didn't examine such a topic. We talk about the budget law. I don't want to comment on the naive ideas that came up when MP Alaiba went from the first floor to the sixth floor in elevator", said PSRM MP Vlad Batrîncea.

MPs also referred to the contradictory statements of Prime Minister Ion Chicu, who said last week that the executive would not support the initiative to reduce wages but days later said that the Government could endorse this bill. But the final decision in this regard has not yet been taken.

"He honors all the indications of Dodon. If Dodon asks him to endorse it, he will do it", PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco said. 

 Since early 2029, the salaries of the parliament members have been raised by 4000 lei and reached about 14,500 lei. This is only the basic salary. With some bonuses, some MPs can earn 18 000 lei per month. President Igor Dodon gains around 20 000 lei monthly. 



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