PDM about inquiry commission on power usurpation: A cheap attempt to intimidate opposition parties

The Democratic Party won't accept to participate in the hearings organized by Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry which was formed by the actual governing majority to intimidate the opposition parties. 

"The ones who in June abusively took over the power at night, in the darkness, secretly, now accuse us, who surrendered peacefully the power, of usurpation", PDM President Pavel Filip declared. 

Former PM also noted that during the period June 8-14, the governmental team and Democratic Party only followed the law in forces and Constitutional Law. 

"This inquiry commission, along with fabricated criminal files against our party members, pressures and blackmail is just a cheap attempt to intimidate the opposition parties", the politician pointed out. 

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe yesterday expressed their deep concern about the non-transparent way in which the Parliament appointed the two judges to the Constitutional Court. They demanded the Chisinau authority to ensure the democratic standards and the rights of opposition parties should be respected as well. 


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