PCCOCS searches: Three men arrested for illegal arm and drugs commerce

A criminal group was arrested for keeping, modifying and commerce of guns and munitions that were brought illegally from the left bank of the river Nistru and Russian Federation.

The group members were investigated by the PCCOCS officers and prosecutors.

According to a PCCOCS press release, the group practiced marijuana plantation and growth for further commerce.

During a few months, after some special investigations on the group, an under cover agent was infiltrated into. During the investigation period, the agent bought some F-1 grenades, a gun and narcotics.

After the searches at their homes in Chisinau, Ialoveni and Stefan-Voda, people of law found these objects: 

  • More than a half of a sackful of marijuana;
  • 75 marijuana plants;
  • 13 F-1 model grenades;
  • Cannabis seeds for plantation;
  • An ample arm lot;
  • 21 combat and hunting knives;
  • 5 cell phones and 5 memory sticks that belonged to the leaders.
At the moment, the case is being investigated.
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