PCCOCS rejected to initiate lawsuit against President Dodon for treason

The request regarding the opening of a criminal case on behalf of the country's president, Igor Dodon, for treason of Homeland, filed by the president of the Public Association of the Faith, Ghenadie Cosovan, was rejected by the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases (PCCOCS).

The letter of motivation mentions that the actions taken by the head of state and reported by Cosovan Prosecutor's Office "do not gather the elements of the crime".

Moreover, in the letter sent to the President of the Public Association, it is written that "the ordinance does not typify the video-audio discussion of June 8, between Igor Dodon, Vlad Plahotniuc and Serghei Iaralov, which is the object and main evidence of the complaint filed against the illegal actions of President Igor Dodon ”.

We recall that the request for the opening of a criminal case on behalf of the President of the country, Igor Dodon, was submitted on June 9th. The decision was taken after images in the press appeared in which the head of state was forcing the PDM representatives to take a series of unconstitutional actions, including a supposed agreement to federalize our country.


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